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Flexible Life Interest Trust

Flexible Life Interest Trusts are designed to preserve wealth when it flows from one generation to another. Placed in Mum and Dad’s Will it can save a lot of money even if they are not in the inheritance tax bracket and when they are it can prevent the common problem of their estate being taxed twice. I am providing this solution for more and more of my own client families and, as you might imagine, it is very well received.

Please talk to me about this as your client families may be losing money when they don’t need to and you certainly don’t want this solution to be provided by someone else. It is not expensive, it is extremely flexible and it works. When combined with Lasting Powers of Attorney the family are provided with a powerful set of tools that are becoming increasingly necessary.

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Residential Nil Rate Band

Here are some information sheets on the Residential Nil Rate Band that various of you have been asking about. It is a very complex piece of legislation that does not do what the government announced they intended to do. It is messy, confusing and I feel will not, in many cases, work at all. It has a direct impact on estate planning and the advice that clients may need so we cannot ignore it.

You will probably wish to know where you stand in regard to some aspects yourself. There is a great deal of information here and it is important that we are all aware of it. It has taken a lot of time to put it all together and I haven’t seen anything else out there in this form. Please do look through it, continue to use it as a resource as necessary, and ask any questions you may have.

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