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lasting power of attorney

We understand that this is not an easy subject for many people. Professional Will Services have more practical experience in these matters than many practitioners as it is a major part of what we do. We are extremely ‘client friendly’ and we don’t use ‘jargon’. We break the process down into easy steps and explain your options clearly leaving you confident that you are making the very best arrangements you can. You are free to call our helpline with any questions you have.

Bob Cullen, Lasting Power of Attorney Specialist
Bob Cullen ASWW
Information And Videos About Lasting Power of Attorney

You may want information on Lasting Power of Attorney for yourself or for someone you care about. Either way, the information here will be of value.You will discover how Lasting Power of Attorney actually works and the difference between a Lasting Power of Attorney and a Deputyship (a Deputyship is required, under the direct supervision of the Court of Protection, if capacity is lost and there is no Lasting Power of Attorney).

While the ‘One Show’ video included here talks about loss of capacity a Lasting Power of Attorney is about more than that. People often benefit from having someone with the authority to act under their direction even if mental capacity is not lost. This might be due to failing health or perhaps age related infirmity. Bob Cullen has experience within his own family that gives him a personal insight into these things. We all know that life has become more complicated and making a Lasting Power of Attorney has become more and more important in recent years.

So do please check out the information below. Use the links to discover how a Lasting Power of Attorney works, the principles behind it and the protection it gives. You can check our fees by going to our ‘Information Desk’ (there is a link at the top and bottom of this page). And please call our helpline with any further questions you have.

Bob Cullen is an experienced professional who has written articles published in‘Financial Solutions’ magazine. He is trusted by other professionals to provide Lasting Power of Attorney services to their clients. He also provides a comprehensive service direct to the public at a reasonable cost. The service is designed to make everything as simple as possible for the client by taking care of every detail at every stage.

Professional services for Lasting Power of Attorney can be expensive but when you see the service that we give and what we charge we believe you will be pleasantly surprised. Please check out the information on the links provided below which we believe is important for anyone thinking about Lasting Power of Attorney. Please also watch the brief video below that lets you know what to expect.

And please don’t forget that you are free to call the helpline with any questions.

how a lasting power of attorney works

The information on the READ MORE link is essential for anyone considering a Lasting Power of Attorney for themselves or for a loved one and we offer the opportunity to download a copy of the information to keep. We also highly recommend that you read ‘Why A Deputyship Should Be Avoided’.

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why a deputyship should be avoided

Deputyships are arranged through the Court of Protection if capacity is lost and there is no Lasting Power of Attorney but they should be avoided. Our Home Page has a short video from the Morning Show which mentions the much higher cost of Deputyships. Please use the READ MORE link below to understand more about Deputyships. You may download a copy.

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We understand that many people find the subject daunting and the process intimidating. That is why we do things the way we do........

* YES, we take care of the whole process for you. Mistakes are easily made by the inexperienced (and even by some who advertise a professional service) and it doesn’t help that the official forms can be misleading. No surprise, then, that the Office of the Public Guardian say many of the Powers of Attorney they receive for registration are flawed. It is far too important a document to get wrong. Bob Cullen is trained and experienced in providing this service and other professionals such as accountants and financial advisers often refer their clients to us because we provide a superior level of service at very reasonable fees. To see our current fees please visit the Information Desk using the menu at the top or bottom of the page.

* YES, the Office of the Public Guardian can be awkward to deal with so we deal with the Public Guardian for you right up to completion of registration of your Lasting Power of Attorney as part of the service.

* YES, our service really is different. So if you are looking for a personal service that takes you through every step of the process with full non-technical explanations including written guidance and sound advice for you and your attorneys then you will be very pleased with the way we do things. We liaise with your attorneys to ensure they have information and guidance to help them and that they complete their part of the documentation correctly. We even provide our own unique publication containing essential information to guide you and your attorneys. Plus, even after completion of the process you and your attorneys are given a further six months unlimited access to us by email and telephone to help answer queries about any aspect of Powers of Attorney without further charge so you may proceed with total confidence.

* YES, we give the initial consultation by telephone entirely free of charge so by all means call our helpline and ask whatever questions you may have. We shall confirm a fixed cost before you decide to proceed and, if you are aware of what much less ‘inclusive’ services often charge, you will find our fees a pleasant surprise rather than a nasty shock.

We understand that this is not an easy subject for most people. So don’t worry if the information on the links we provide on this page is a little overwhelming. We are very experienced in these matters so just call the helpline with any questions you have.

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