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Bob Cullen ASWW

Writing A Will? You just say what you want and they put it all down legally, isn’t that right?

On a basic level, certainly, but making sure the Will is right for you takes someone who is willing to really listen and is sufficiently experienced to give appropriate advice.

And our Will writing service is normally provided with the convenience of a home visit from an experienced professional. Bob Cullen has over twenty years experience of Will writing, is a member of the Society of Will Writers and carries the same level of indemnity insurance as any solicitor.

There is some useful information about Will writing here so by all means take a look around the site. And please call our Helpline with any questions you have. We look forward to hearing from you.

appointing executors

Sometimes appointing Executors for a Will is an easy choice but sometimes it can be more difficult. You can appoint beneficiaries to be Executors (beneficiaries must not witness a Will but can be an Executor). A couple could appoint each other in the first instance and have others to be next in line. In certain circumstances it may be preferable to appoint a professional Executor to act either instead of or alongside lay Executors. If your Executors are not confident to do everything they can always use a professional to assist them and the costs will come from the estate. If you are uncertain who to appoint we shall be pleased to give advice as appropriate. Please use the READ MORE link below, watch the video or call the helpline.

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appointing guardians

Appointing Guardians is very important and it is a decision that some parents do struggle with. Some even put off making a Will because of it. In actual fact the appointment of a Guardian in a Will is only an expression of wish and it can be done in a separate letter. Difficulty in appointing a Guardian should not delay the writing of a Will because, if something does happen, it makes a bad situation even worse. It is still important to have Executors with authority to administer the estate and Trustees to look after the children’s inheritance. Guardianship can be settled later outside of the Will by equally effective means. For further information please use the READ MORE link, watch the video or call the helpline.

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appointing trustees

This is an area where people often get confused so do not hesitate to contact our helpline if that is the case. Executors wind up the estate and distribute everything according to the Will but once the estate is distributed the Executors have discharged their duties. If any assets may not be handed directly to a beneficiary for any reason – perhaps they are too young or there is a Trust in place – then the on-going control of those assets is given to Trustees. Having said that, Executors become the Trustees if no other provision is made in the Will. You may appoint different people to be Trustees to the people you appoint as Executors if that is appropriate. Anyone appointed must be at least 18 years of age of be capable of performing their duties.  Please use the READ MORE link for further information. You may also wish to watch the video or call the helpline.

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children from previous relationships

It is quite common for a couple to have children from a previous relationship. In those circumstances a standard family Will where everything goes to the current spouse/partner will not usually be appropriate as it could easily be detrimental to the interests of the children of the first to die. We are experienced in dealing with this type of situation and are happy to advise.

Without proper advice children from a previous relationship may lose their inheritance if you become the first to die. This can happen even if you both have Wills which leave a portion of your joint estate to those children at second death. For more information please use the READ MORE link, watch the video or just call the helpline.

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how can i make sure my estate passes to my children if my partner/spouse remarries?

This is very similar to the section on children from previous relationships. However, here we are talking about making certain arrangements in advance of the situation arising in order to bring certainty for the first to die. A Will with provisions for children to inherit at second death but which leaves everything to a spouse at first death does not offer absolute certainty.

Children can potentially lose their inheritance if their surviving parent remarries or has a new parter. This may not be a particular concern of yours but if it is please use the READ MORE link, watch the video or simply call the helpline.

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how can i protect my interests if i become unable to manage my affairs myself?

This, quite rightly, is an area of growing concern. Life is so much more complicated these days and one awful way to find out is when someone is unable, whether temporarily or permanently, to administer their own affairs. This might be through illness, injury or loss of mental capacity. There is only one sensible way to avoid the potential problems and you can discover more when you use the link below. Everyone should at least be aware of this important information. You can watch a short film shown originally on ‘The One Show’ and also obtain access to information that for some reason is rarely placed squarely before the public. You may, of course, also call the helpline.

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