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children from previous relationships

It is quite common for a couple to have children from a previous relationship. In those circumstances a standard family Will where everything goes to the current spouse/partner will not usually be appropriate as it could easily be detrimental to the interests of the children of the first to die. We are experienced in dealing with this type of situation and are happy to advise.

Without proper advice children from a previous relationship may lose their inheritance if you become the first to die. This can happen even if you both have Wills which leave a portion of your joint estate to those children at second death. For more information please use the READ MORE link, watch the video or just call the helpline.

The fact is that a remarriage by the survivor of you will void any Will previously written. And a remarriage followed by divorce could be catastrophic. Even if the survivor enters another relationship but does not marry this can still change everything financially.  Of course the survivor still has a life to live and may well need to benefit from the entire estate, at least during their lifetime. However, there are arrangements that can be made that are simple, cost effective, fully supportive of both the survivor and the children. Best of all, they don’t complicate your finances now.

We shall be pleased to explain this to you so you can make an informed decision about whether it may be beneficial to you. Being properly informed is never a bad thing so by all means call us for more information without obligation.

Also, if your Will was written before your current marriage then your marriage made it void unless the intention to marry your current spouse is mentioned in the Will. If so, and you have not made another Will since, then you do not have a valid Will.